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Chart & Stethoscope

No insurance?

Can't get timely telehealth appointments with your provider?

Tired of high co-pays and long wait times at urgent care or the ER?

Welcome to affordable healthcare appointments!

You have symptoms of an infection and it is getting worse.

You know you probably need antibiotics BUT

  * You have no insurance and the visit to the doctor is going to cost $200 or more.

  * You called the doctor for an appointment and they have no availability.  They refer you to Urgent Care or the ER.

     Your copay is $150.

  * You are visiting from out of town and you have a high deductible and know an urgent care appointment or ER  

     appointment is going to cost $200 or more.

This is not affordable healthcare.

There's a better option...

Make telehealth appointments with
Royal River Te

We have affordable telehealth services for urgent care
for $50 for a 15 minute visit!
We see patients via video for conditions that don't require an extensive exam.
We will diagnose your problem and offer appropriate care and treatment.
           We can offer online prescription services, diagnostic testing orders,                      and referrals as needed.
We do not treat chronic pain or prescribe narcotics. 
You must be physically located in Maine to take advantage of our services. 

Your health matters!

My name is Linda Brewster

I know how frustrating it is when you can't get an appointment with your healthcare provider AND when the care is unaffordable.  That is why I work to offer you affordable healthcare with appointments you can schedule yourself online! 

Linda Brewster, Nurse Practitioner
Chart & Stethoscope
Doctor Using Digital Tablet
" Everything went great today. Office visit timely and simple when you live on an island. Meds were ready at pharmacy and    lab test quick and easy."   July 31, 2023    

Doug Damon, Chebeague Island, Me.

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