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Testimonies and Affirmations

Here you will find affirmations from people who have been patients of Linda Brewster over the last 28 years. 

Many thanks to the wonderful people who have trusted Linda with their health care!

"Getting in to see your PCP now is almost impossible without a 2 or 3 day wait. Linda is familiar with my health and the numerous times I have had the same thing. So quick and easy to see Linda." Rochelle G   February 26, 2024   5 Stars

"Linda is outstanding. She is a caring individual that has helped many times over the years. I was able to contact her (easily through her tele-service). I would have had to wait for a phone call from my pcp. We were able to see each other as we talked. Great service! So happy to have her on my side!"   Kelly Y  February 21, 2024  5 Stars

Linda took time to listen to my concern and gave such a thorough diagnosis. She makes you feel very comfortable and is extremely caring of her patients. Would recommend her over and over again! Jones W  February 15, 2024  5 Stars

Linda Brewster zeroed in on my problem of coughing. My lungs were in rough shape. She prescribed an antibiotic and upped my Advair to 250 mg. She is a wonderful caring provider.

Marian W  February 7, 2024 5 Stars

This was a lifesaver for me. I recently relocated back to Maine with my husband and we are currently uninsured before he starts his new job. Linda was efficient and helpful and knew which pharmacy to send my prescription to that would have the lowest price. So grateful for her! 

Jamie F  September 18, 2023  5 Stars

" Everything went great today. Office visit timely and simple when you live on an island. Meds were ready at pharmacy and lab test quick and easy."     Doug D  July 31, 2023  5 Stars

I had the pleasure of being under Linda Brewster's care for 18 years. When I retired and moved to Waterville, I stayed with her another year because I did not want to lose the excellent care she provided for me! Linda took the time to listen to me, which is very important to me regarding my health care. Good luck Linda with your new adventure.   Betty R

You won't find a more professional, dedicated, caring individual than Linda Brewster. She listens to your concerns and answers any questions you might have.  Diane M

Linda was our family's provider until she retired and she was fabulous!  Cheri D (FB Post)

Love Linda Brewster so much! I've missed her greatly!  Kelley C   (FB Post)

Miss you Linda and so glad you are still offering care to the community!  Amanda S  (FB Post)


I was a patient in Yarmouth and then Martin's Point. You had diagnosed me with follicular lymphoma.

I am pleased to say I'm cancer free.  You are an excellent provider. I was very excited to see about your new practice. Unfortunately my insurance won't cover. If you ever start taking insurance I would definitely see you again.  Peace and Gratitude. Amy H   (email)

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