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 How do Telehealth Appointments work?

The Telehealth Appointment Story

Royal River Telehealth offers telemedicine appointments that you can schedule yourself online.  Office hours will be posted each Saturday for the next week.  


Once you have an appointment, a link will be sent to you for the appointment and you can show up and be seen as scheduled. You will also be sent some forms to complete online prior to the visit. 


All age patients can be seen. You will need a computer, tablet, or smart phone and a connection to the internet.  If you have a blood pressure cuff, please have it handy.  If you have a temperature, please take your temperature before the appointment. Video and audio technology are used.


What we ARE – We are a practice dedicated to quality affordable healthcare, patient satisfaction, and helping you to understand your disease.

What we are NOT – We are not a primary care office.  We are here to handle your needs through urgent care online in a convenient and cost effective format.  We will help you with chronic disease management needs if you have a specific concern or desire education or   online medical consultation on some aspect of your chronic illness.


Who can we see? Any person physically located in the state of Maine.  


Fee: $50 per 15 minute visit (due at the beginning of the visit).  We do not take insurance.  We will give you a receipt that can be sent to your insurance company for reimbursement but you would need to check with your insurance company first.  Our $50 fee is often less than the urgent care or Emergency Room copay. 

To schedule telehealth appointments: Royal River Telehealth appointments

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